University of Warmia and Mazury

In September 1999, 3 educational departments were merged: The 50 years old Academy of Agriculture and Technology, the 30-year old Pedagogy College and the Theology Institute of Warmia existing already for 450 years. Nowadays nearly 31.000 students are studying at the University of Warmia and Mazury. 491 professors and about 2.800 university employees are working at 17 faculties. In addition to humanities, pedagogy, theology, art, law, veterinary medicine, agriculture, engineering, biology, economics, mathematics, the UWM School of Medicine exists since 2008/2009.

The quality of studies at the university is constantly reviewed and improved through regular evaluations. Also, institutional accreditation procedures and specialized committees are reviewing the high educational level.

The UWM offers its students not only qualitative education but is also center for culture and sports. There are many cultural organizations, e.g. the choir, the Kortow Folklore Song and Dance Troupe, the Cezar Student Theatre Group, the Skorpen Academic Scuba Diving Club and the Jamnik Student Photography Club. Furthermore, our students are achieving remarkable results in athletic performances. Our male volleyball team has repeatedly won the Polish league. cup double. Our students achieve top positions in competitions like taekwondo, sailing and athletics too.

Olsztyn itself is famous for its schools and colleges. The majority of our academic buildings and student residences are located on the 161-hectare large Kortowo campus which is one of the most beautiful campuses in Poland. Our students can find there everything they need to live and to study. You can also find campus shops, student clubs, swimming pools, parks, green spaces and the Kortowskie lake with a beach, a yacht harbour and boat rentals.

Our student residences located on the campus have either single or double rooms including bathrooms as well as Wifi, TV and a refrigerator. The University hospital and the UWM School of Medicine are both located in the heart of the city. You can also find a cheap flat there if you like to live in the city.

Welcome to the student-friendliest university of the whole country.

About Olsztyn