Medical Study in Olsztyn

Final degree: University degree (M.D. diploma)*
Start of studies: October
Length of study: 6 years (12 semesters)
Language: English
Tuition fee: 6.800 EUR / semester**
Application fee: 580 EUR
Scholarships: Possible due to the study results

*The final degree permits you to apply for your approbation valid all over Europe.

** Tuition fees are payable 1 year in advance. In exceptional cases a semestral payment can be requested. Tuition fees include fees for parts of clinical classes, elective period and support service.

The syllabus of the Faculty of Medicine is based on international standards and modern teaching methods. It has been developed to create new preclinical and clinical areas with a systematic curriculum. The theoretical medical education takes 3 years. From the first year clinical classes start. Most of the time classes happen in small groups of 10 students studying in newly constructed or well established institutions. Therefore, a very individual and intense teaching style is guaranteed. Not only the university hospital built in 2009 is part of the clinical unit. Also a few regional hospitals and institutions are part of it.

In most cases Polish lecturers give lessons to their students. On a regular basis international lecturers are guests of the university too. Language is always English.

You can find an overview about the syllabus here

Since 2010 medical studies at the School of Medicine are offered in English too. Supported by the European Union the university was able to built new institutions equipped with modernest technology.  For example the Collegium Anatomicum (Department of Anatomy) and the Department of Histology and Embryology are using brand new diagnostic equipment like CT and MRT. In the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, the newly built stem cell laboratory allows scientific research at the highest level. Furthermore, the Faculty of Medicine has a very well-equipped molecular diagnostics laboratory since 2010.

Medical students of the university have access to the comprehensive collection of the university library reopened in 2007. It has 500 seats in reading rooms as well as 300 seats in lounges, classrooms and rooms for working groups.

The campus is between a beautiful green lake scenery and has a size of over 200 hectars. You can find several supermarkets and plenty of options for sport activities or recreation. For example, sailing courses and other water aquatic sports are very common. The newly built and fully furnished student dorm is also available for international students and has a supermarket in its entry halls.

The university has been awarded by the Students Parliamant of the Republic of Pland for the student friendliest university in Poland already twice. It also achieves very good evaluation results regulary. The students of the School of Medicine won the international Anatomy Competition (“Golden Scapula” in 2012.

Say hello to the Medical Faculty of Olsztyn. 

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