Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare myself to pass the entrance exam?

We highly recommend our official precourse to improve your knowledge in natural science. To prepare for the entrance exam we provide example questions as well as a syllabus for every subject:

Example questions


What do I have to know about the entrance exam itself?

The test takes 2 hours and includes 100 multiple-choice questions in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics. In each case only one out of 5 answers is correct. All the materials (test book, answer sheet, pencil, calculator, chemical tables) will be provided. The participants will be informed about their results and receive – if passed – their admission.

How long will I wait for the entrance exam results?

Normally you will receive your test results within 2 weeks. You will also receive your acceptance letter if you have passed the exam.

When and where can I attend the entrance exam?

  • Berlin: 26.08.2017

After you have applied you will be informed about the details in advance.

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