UWM School of Medicine Olsztyn

Say hello to the Medical Faculty of Olsztyn

At the UWM School of Medicine Olsztyn in Poland you study under excellent conditions in a multinational environment. The medical faculty of UWM is one of the youngest and most well-equipped medical schools in Poland.

The syllabus of the Faculty of Medicine is based on international standards and modern teaching methods. It has been developed to create new preclinical and clinical areas with a systematic curriculum.

A certain numerus clausus isn’t necessary to study medicine at the School of Medicine Olsztyn. What does matter is the result of your acceptance test you have to pass before you get a place to study. Here your knowledge in science, your personal motivation why you want to study medicine and your medical education is assessed. Therefore, we recommend to participate with our precourse starting twice a year. It’s giving you the necessary knowledge about natural science so it’s way easier to pass the acceptance test. You can still apply online too, the precourse is not compulsory for your application.

Take the opportunity and study in a beautiful area of ​​Poland which annually attracts more tourists and is an ideal environment for your medical studies abroad. Inform yourself on our website about course content, our medical students at the UWM School of Medicine in Olsztyn, and how to apply for a place at university.

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