Start: March (6 months) / October (9 months)
Language: English
University lectureres: Yes
Teaching subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Anatomy, Physiology etc.
Registration: Online

Our precourse offers you the possibility to strengthen your knowledge about natural sciences. It prepares you for your upcoming medical study and gives you all the background you need to pass the acceptance test of our university. If you pass the acceptance test you get a 100% study guarantee at the School of Medicine for your medical study. 

Together with other international students you get prepared in biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, physiology etc. Lectures of our university teach you the knowledge and can answer your questions directly. You will also enjoy a lot of practical work: anatomical, laboratory and microscoping practicum.

The precourse starts twice. The 6 and 9 months medical precourses are designed to give you a high-level knowledge in natural science before your medical studies. The 9 months precourse is more comprehensive starting in October. The 6 months intensive precourse starts in March. Therefore, it‘s possible to start your studies in October already. It gives you a very sufficient base to start your studies with success – almost everybody passes the acceptance test of our university after completing our precourse.

Even though we have a high success rate it doesn’t mean the test is easy. In fact we highly recommend to complete the precourse, otherwise you run the risk to wait another year if you fail the test.

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